How Blogging Helps, Changes and Greatly Affects My Life

Before I discovered the world of blogging, I started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in Ebay since 2005. I have met an online friend who is also a seller from Ebay who referred me to some money earning websites like paid to click, paid to post, paid to socialize and many others. I also met a lot of new friends out from that money earning sites. I just came to know about blogging when one of my friends shared her wonderful experience through blogging where she is also earning money on it. She’s the one who encourage me to start writing and sharing about my life experiences that is why my main blog was named as My Life and My Journey Online because I am not only sharing my life experiences, but I am also sharing my journey on how I earn money online that includes joining some blog contests, give aways and freebies.

Blogging greatly affects my life because it serves as my online diary where I share everything I have learned and experienced in life. It is a great help for a newbie blogger like me because I can create some infinite and original ideas for my blog. And through sharing my personal experiences, it also helped me in gaining a lot of blogger friends. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I have met a lot of mommy bloggers from all over the world and that makes me feel so happy and thankful that I have known them and later became my very good friends.

I am also a new mom and because of them, I learned more about parenting and motherhood and most of all, I learned how to earn money through blogging. They introduced me to some paid to blog sites that pays when we write a post from advertisers who wants to promote their site and products. Although as of this time, I am not earning much from blogging because of my main blog which is still hosted from Blogspot. However, I am still thankful that there are some direct advertisers who wants to buy a sponsored post from me. I feel so happy and proud of myself because even if I am not a good writer, they are still interested to advertise and promote their products on my blog.

What also made my blogging career even more colorful and exciting is because I am fond of joining blog contests and give aways. One of the most unforgettable blog contest that Ive joined is from YouSayToo where bloggers are encouraged to write about their dream gift if ever they win the $1000 as prize for the said blog contest. While others listed down the things that they want to buy, I also wrote about my dream gift.  Since  it has been my heart’s desire to help our church, I wanted to buy an additional musical instruments  which will serve as my love gift for our church needs. Even though I did not win the 1st prize, God is so Good because He touched the heart of the admin of the site and they donated $500 so we can  buy the dream gift that I want to give to our church.

Here are the musical instruments that we bought:

a ZBT Zildjian 4 sets of cymbals for our drumset, A Hi-Hat Stand for cymbals and a Drum pedal.

More of my Winnings and Blessings received from online contests and give aways:

My recent winnings from a blog contest:

I had actually started my new year with an overflowing of blessings  from God when I found out that I am the 1st prize winner from Jaypee Online’s $3,500+ Christmas Giveaway.

Some of these prizes includes free domain and web hosting, now I have 2 self-hosted blogs from WordPress. I even received a bonus .info domain and I decided to make one for our church’s blog. This prizes are indeed a nice gift and a huge blessing for me as it helps in boosting out my blogging career. I was so busy doing God’s work offline and I greatly thanked the Lord for this unmerited favor He had given me in return where I won this awesome give away.

As for my blogging goal for this year in 2011, now that I have some newly added blogs, I need to dedicate more quality time for my blogs. It is important that I have to be consistent in it. I know I will be able to achieve my goal by taking my time and learn all of the possible blogging tips that will help me in becoming a good and successful blogger. I just have to be unique, creative, determined, and prepared to take whatever the risks are.

This is blog post serves as my official entry for ExtraBLOGanza Contest ExtraBLOGanza Contest

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Looking Back & Reminisce My Happy Memories of 2010

As I bid goodbye of the year 2010, I looked back and reminisce those good and happy memories that happened in my life last year.

I had a wonderful and perfect summer experience last year of April because it was my Mom and my younger sister’s holiday. They spend their summer here for almost 4 weeks and we treasured each moment while they are here. Every year, my mom always have her holiday here for almost a month to spend time with us and this time it was a special holiday because my younger sister was with her. She was still 5 years old when I first saw her and now she’s 19 years old and she’s really a grown up lady.

My mom rented an apartment which is located near the beach since she loves swimming at the beach every morning. Almost everyday, we always go to the beach and we really enjoyed each others company. It was indeed an unforgettable summer we had where I spend my time together with my ever missed family and loved ones.

I was also surprised when my dad called me on the phone last July of 2010 informing me that  they will be coming to our hometown to visit my grandparents. We supposed to meet him together with his wife when they arrived here in our city but due to lack of time since they still have to travel a long way back to our hometown, we decided to meet when they get back here in our city. We finally met each other after 10 long years! Our last meeting was when I was still studying in College. How time flies, I am now married and have a daughter already. It was also my first time to finally meet his wife. And its my dad’s first time to meet my hubby and his first grand daughter too.

In case you’re wondering and confused about my family’s background, well, my mom and dad separated when I was still a baby. My grandmother was the one who raised me. It was my grandmother’s decision that my mom should go abroad and work to support our family. And in order for my mom to stay in Switzerland, she married a Swiss guy that’s why I have half siblings there. When my dad knew that my mom already got married, he decided to join the military (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and later on he got married too where I also have some half siblings on his side.

Now you know that I came from a broken family. To be honest, it hurts me deep inside… it really breaks my heart and I am still bringing this pain until now because I really wanted to have a complete and united family. I never experienced what it feels like having a mom and dad on my side. Although they supported me financially but I need their moral and emotional support.

However, as time goes by, I realized that it is my destiny and I could never turn back the time and bring them back together. It hurts, but I have to move on and go on with my life. Ive been through a lot of trials but I had able to overcome it. Right now I am happy with my life because I have a complete and loving family of my own. I also thanked my mom and dad for every thing and best of all, I am thankful to God for all the goodness He had done in my life.

Oh! by the way, the photo above is our one and only photo together with my dad. We have no photo together when we met for the first time . So this photo of us will be cherished forever in my heart together with this blog post entry I made for Batang Yagit’s “My 2010″ Blog Contest which was generously sponsored by The League of Legends Strategy.

I have been blogging for almost 2 years now but I still consider myself as a newbie on blogging. However, I thanked God that through blogging, I met a lot of people who  later became my good friends . I learned a lot from them as they share their own experiences as well as their tips and advices on how I could boost my blogging career. Our friendship gets even more exciting when we get the chance to meet-up with some of my blogging friends!

I was invited by my sweet and kind blogger friend Ate Grace for their Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last September 2010 . I am so happy  that I finally met her in person together with my newly found blogger friends . I am looking forward for more of our bonding moments together  as we continue our great  and wonderful friendship both from offline and online world.

Its been my hubby’s family legacy since 1985 in making and sewing huge curtains for hotels, schools, politicians, businessmen, and for rich and famous people here in our city and to other places too.My father in-law does the main job on the planning and preparation,choosing the right tracking system or pole, measuring and estimation of the face fabric requirements, sewing the curtains and installing it while my hubby is the one assisting my FIL for curtain sewing.

I am just amazed how they do this kind of business. It is just unique for a family doing this kind of work and to think that men can do the sewing of curtain. I actually don’t know how to sew using an electric sewing machine but my hubby and my father-in-law does it perfectly and it is a big money when its done. I am so thankful to God for their great sewing skills. When it is a package deal where it includes the whole house including living room, dining room, bedrooms etc, that would usually costs around $2,000.

We actually received this huge pile of money last December 2010 as payment out from my husband’s hard work in sewing huge curtains from a Mayor’s newly built house . It is actually a rare opportunity and a huge blessings for us because out from my hubby’s inherited skills from his father in sewing specially designed personalized curtains, we had able to bought an additional 2 pc units for our internet shop. I am so thankful to God for these marvelous blessings and unmerited favor He had given to us.

And speaking of internet shop, there are more than 10 internet cafe establishments operating here in our place. It seems like this kind of business is very in-demand since almost all people uses internet nowadays. I can see there are some students who make some assignments and just pass it on their teacher’s email add. While other students do their research and prints it out. Some are hard core players of online and offline games. Others would love to chat while some would love to check out their social sites and do some internet surfing.

With regards to the competition of this kind of business, I am not worried that much since it is not only about the internet and other service we provide but its all about building relationships with our customers. And that means we are providing a good customer service to them in attending all their needs. We have lots of “suki” repeated customers who always comes back to us. Even if we had transferred to another place several times, our customers would always find us. Our i-cafe shop also serves as our house that’s why when we wake up late, our “suki” customers would knock on our door so we can open them and they can start to use the pc.

Aside from pc usage, printing, scanning, encoding, cd-burn etc. we also accept music and video downloads to mp4, mobile phones and other gadgets.We also transfer files using bluetooth, infrared, memory card etc. And not only that, my hubby also accepts pc repair and reformat which also serves as our extra income.

Our i-cafe shop has been operating for more than 7 years now and I could say that its still booming and running smoothly and we are thankful to God that even if we have a lot of competitors, we still have many customers who still keep on coming back to us.

I used to be a dancer during my high school and college days and I also have this golden voice but since I became a Christian, I used my talent in singing where I  am the Praise and Worship leader of our church. And for almost 7 years now , we already performed in  different churches, places, and fellowship gatherings. My hubby is the one playing the lead guitar too. We offer up our lives to God and we want to use our talent to Honor Him and Glorify His Name.

And What’s the Result?

I Received a $500 Special Donation for our Church

We bought a set of cymbals, stand and pedal for our drum set in our church

I joined a Blog Awards Contest in YouSayToo last new year of 2010  and even though I did not win the 1st prize, God is so Good because He touched the heart of the admin of the site and they donated $500 for our church in buying some additional instruments because that is my purpose why I joined their blog contest.
As a true follower and servant of the Lord, I am walking into God’s Blessings. I always expect BIG Things because I know ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with GOD!

You’re Beautiful…But You’re Fat

That’s the usual reaction of people when they saw me that huge and fat before. Even if its my long lost friends and long time no see relatives, they were surprised to see me how I gained a lot of weight.It actually hurts me a lot every time they tell me that I am fat. But I cannot deny it since its true anyway. I just laugh it out by telling them that I had been freely indulge in the kitchen and since my daughter loves to eat, I also can’t resist to eat because she will give her left over foods to me.

I had been trying my best to control my diet and watch what I eat. Since I am optimistic enough and I have the courage, patience and determination to do it, I’m so glad that there’s already a huge improvement and positive changes out from my meal diet. I only eat 1 cup of rice once a day. Bread, biscuits, noodles or pasta serves as my rice alternative. I also avoid eating sweets and drinking soft drinks. I have a sweet tooth and I am such a chocoholic and a soft drinker but Ive set a goal for myself. I also did a variety of cardio exercises 30 minutes daily , 3-5 times a week. I keep it realistic and I always look forward for my fitness and for dropping off some pounds.

Now that my hard work was being payed as I strive hard in losing my weight, I gained back my confidence when I noticed the visible results as well as the positive approach and comments from people who had also noticed the big changes of my body.

I have been through a lot of struggles, down-lows, having a low-self esteem and feeling self-pity of myself before when everybody would say that I should stop getting fatter everyday. It seems that there is no hope for me. I just can’t take all those negative compliments that I keep on receiving from people around me so I made a promise to myself that I should set a goal in losing my weight. It wasn’t easy at first but I always keep in mind that I should do it because it is for my own good. I also have this positive attitude that I can do it.  I sticked to my weight loss plan religiously and now I see the good and positive results.

All of these beautiful memories and special events in my life are worth remembering for. Every little thing means a lot to me and I always treasure it in my heart…FOREVER!