Blogger Meet Ups

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It was a great privilege and opportunity for me that I was able to attend a product endorsement of a new beauty and cosmetic products. It was held at Classic Savory, Centrio Ayala Mall here in our city. Fashion and Beauty bloggers from different places gathered to attend this event.

I’m so happy that I’ve met my blogger friends and I also befriended some new bloggers. I really enjoyed joining a social gathering like this. Talking anything, taking pictures, enjoying a good food in a fine dining restaurant. We don’t often see each other that’s why if there’s a product promotion or launching, I always make sure that I could join.

Celebration with the CDO Bloggers


I just got home from the anniversary party of my blogger friends from CDO. They celebrated their 4th year anniversary today and I’m happy to see my fellow blogger friends specially the mommies. Its been awhile since we haven’t got the time to bond with each other. I really missed those bonding times with them. I’m happy to see them again today. Its so nice to see those good friends that you have online.

These friends are my treasured friends since they are always there through good times and bad times. I’m also glad to see those mommies who also want to join the CDO bloggers group. These group are actually registered by SEC and its still going strong and united in helping Cagayan de Oro City boost its tourism and business industry.

Missed My Blogger Friends


Its been like two or three months since the last time that I saw and spent some bonding time together with my mommy blogger friends. Gosh! this simply means that our lives has been so very busy both online and offline. We only see each other online through our blogging group in Facebook but its really quite different when we see each other in person.

It will help build more of our relationship as friends both in the blogosphere and in the offline world. I hope we could go out again sometime soon! I really missed our chit chats, the fun and laughter and all those stuffs that we wanted to share our life experiences as a wife, a mom and a blogger as well.

Bonding with My Blogger Friends

PhotobucketA few weeks ago, my blogger friends and I went out to watch a concert. We were invited by one of our blogger friend who organized the said concert. It was actually a Christian Evangelical concert concerning the youth of today’s generation as they help spread the good news about Jesus. It was a successful concert and we enjoyed it too even if we are not a youth anymore lol!

I have to realized that even if we live in the same city, we actually don’t do meet ups and do some bonding together. We only meet each other whenever there’s an occasion, activity or blogger event. Oh well, we can’t blame each other since all of us has a lot of things to do at home and at work as well. That’s why every time we meet, we always make sure to spend our time talking, laughing and sharing our happy moments together.