Missed My Blogger Friends


Its been like two or three months since the last time that I saw and spent some bonding time together with my mommy blogger friends. Gosh! this simply means that our lives has been so very busy both online and offline. We only see each other online through our blogging group in Facebook but its really quite different when we see each other in person.

It will help build more of our relationship as friends both in the blogosphere and in the offline world. I hope we could go out again sometime soon! I really missed our chit chats, the fun and laughter and all those stuffs that we wanted to share our life experiences as a wife, a mom and a blogger as well.

My Handy Hubby


A few weeks ago, I created a new blog and I named it as My Handy Hubby. This blog was suggested by my dear hubby because he wants to share his personal experiences and all the things that interests him such as sports, movies, gadgets, music, products and everything else in between. He doesn’t like to write but he loves to share his experiences so I will be his secretary and I will be the one who will blog about it LOL!

It is a Men’s blog featuring health, fitness, finance, relationships, tech toys, and everything else that men love. It is also a Men’s Lifestyle site covering some humor, news, fashion, dating, style, food and wine, technology, events, gears,travel, hand tools, architecture, vehicles and more.

Its a blog where a work-at-home Dad talks about housekeeping, gardening and building stuff featuring cars, product reviews and more. It is simply his thoughts, his ramblings and opinions on various topics. It is simply a man’s perspective of the world in general. I hope you can check out his blog. Thanks!

Does Diet Pills Can Make Me Lose Weight?

Now that my bulging tummy and my flabby arms is starting to show up again, I am trying to find some ways on how I could get rid of these stubborn fats. Aside from following a healthy diet and regular exercise, I do believe that all those supplement weight loss pills is also important in losing weight.

Although it does not fit for everyone but it definitely shows its impact when it is used as part of an all inclusive plan in order to lose weight. A friend of mine even asked me if  does oxyelite pro work? because she knows that I am also taking  some diet pills. Well, based on my own experience, yes it really works for me. Diet pills can really do marvelous miracles to your weight within a short span of time. And I can assure you that you will be able to get back your body in shape in no time.

Missing Something that I Love Doing Online

Aside from my passion in blogging, there is also one thing that I love doing online. I actually do it first before I’m going to update all my blogs and write some paid posts as well as my personal posts. There are even times that I couldn’t catch up in updating my blogs because I am already hooked and got addicted in joining several blog contests and giveaways.

But because my life has been so very offline due to our spontaneous church activities as well as our moving week to our new home, I wasn’t able to join some contests and giveaways. I really missed it because it has been a part of my life and my journey online. It’s been almost 2 months that I’m not anymore active that’s why right now since I’m not that much busy, I am excited to get back in joining contests online. I’m hoping for more exciting contests and giveaways and of course I’m also praying for more winnings too. ^_^